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UltWin Properties can be accessed from the popup menus.

Desk View Settings:

Each mini window has a ToolTip which can be configured to display either textual or live preview information of its corresponding window on the desktop. With 'Live preview (when available)' switched off, the tooltips will only display the caption text of attached windows.

The 'In-place' option is not available with 'Maintain aspect ratio' switched off.

The 'Minimum size' option is for the intended minimum size of the Live Preview ToolTip. This option is not available with the 'In-place' option switched on.

With Wallpaper 'on', the Desk View displays the current desktop background.
Desk View Settings Screen Shot

General Settings:

The timeouts value is used by UltWin to determine whether to detach one or more windows i.e. a window may become unresponsive.

With auto attach 'on', UltWin automatically detects and attaches compatible windows belonging to desktop applications and Windows 10 apps.
General Settings Screen Shot

Hot Key Settings:

The hot key combination is used to attach, or detach, the currently active window.
Hot Key Settings Screen Shot


UltWin can be configured to periodically check online and install available updates. To manually check for updates, click 'Check for updates now...'. A computer restart may be required when updating UltWin.
Updates Settings Screen Shot

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