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1.0 Released 12/10/2015

1.00.0002 (12/10/2015)
UltWin Update would not download available updates.
1.00.0004 (14/10/2015)
UltWin now supports Windows 10 apps.
Improved support for Windows 10 Task View.
1.00.0007 (16/10/2015)
Support for Windows 10 apps functions consistently.

1.1 Released: 07/08/2016

1.01.0000 (07/08/2016)
The Desk View can now float on the desktop.
The Desk View can now be temporarily displayed on a taskbar chevron window.
The Desk View can now display the desktop background wallpaper.
The Desk View now has an option to maintain aspect ratio.
The Desk View now has in-place Live Preview ToolTips.
The Desk View and window management functions can now be operated by keyboard commands.
An icon on the taskbar notification area is used to convay relevant information to the user.
UltWin does not expire.
The documentation has been updated.
The end user license agreement has been updated.
Improved moving and sizing operations via the mini windows.
Support for Windows 10 Task View functions consistently.
UltWin would only install on 64-bit Windows.
UltWin would only run in the user account it was installed in.
UltWin Help was sometimes displayed as partially or completely transparent.
The maximum supported virtual screen size has been changed to 32766x32766 pixels.
The Live Preview ToolTips are now available for most windows attached to UltWin.
The Live Preview ToolTips can be configured to display at a larger size without flickering.
The Desk View background sometimes would not repaint when the Windows desktop background changed.
The contents of the mini windows, including the icon, sometimes displayed as partially or completely transparent.
The borders of the mini windows sometimes would not repaint when the visual styles colorization colour changed.
GDI resource leak occurred when null regions were used; for instance, when the Desk Map was of zero size.
The ‘Bring to top’ and ‘Send to bottom’ window management operations, which are initiated from the mini window menus, function consistently for desktop applications and Windows 10 apps.
1.01.0001 (14/07/2019)
UltWin Help has been improved and is now available online.
The hot key mechanism for attaching or detaching the currently active window has been improved.
UltWin Launcher now works better with the Windows taskbar; it is less likely to timeout when trying to launch UltWin on the taskbar.
1.01.0002 (07/10/2019)
All shortcuts installed by the UltWin should now work correctly.
The Desk View wallpaper has been improved to display the current desktop background wallpaper more consistently.
The dialog box explaining "A component required by UltWin has unexpectantly shut down." should no longer appear at Windows login.
1.01.0003 (11/06/2020)
The Desk View mini windows can now display icons of Windows 10 apps.
UltWin Update would sometimes display the message "Unable to connect online." when there was an online connection.
Owing to a review on (see here), the following changes have been made:

  UltWin is now better able to recognise applications which may not be compatible.
  The default hot key for attaching or detaching the currently active window is now CTRL+SHIFT+A.
1.01.0004 (12/06/2020)
The Desk View popup menu now has the option 'Show taskbar button'. This option appears when the Desk View is floating.
1.01.0005 (31/05/2021)
Support for Windows 10 Task View has been impoved.
A dll issue in version 1.01.0004 was preventing installs on Windows 7.
The End User Licence Agreement has been revised along with its privacy policy.


Additional feature.
Feature removed.
Bug resolved, improvement or modification (not all resolved bugs, improvements and modifications may be listed).

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